Kimodigan: Lace Kimono, Sequin Top, Boyfriend Shorts And Leopard Slip-on Sneakers

     I’m on a made up word streak lately. How do you like “kimodigan”? This isn’t really a kimono, nor is it a cardigan. Sort of a hybrid between the two, therefore a kimodigan. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t love this one as much as I thought I would when I bought it, even though it was an in store purchase and I tried it on first. I love lace, so there’s that, but it doesn’t have that drapiness that I love. Maybe if I wash it a few times? And skip the dryer..haha! I’m thinking next time I’ll throw it over a plain white tank and see what happens…

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Kimono: Forever 21 (Purchased in-store);  Top: Ebay;  Shorts: JCPenney (Old);  Shoes: Tilly’s (No longer available)




  1. 04.22.2014 / 1:37 am

    So I wonder if the reason you may not love it as much as you thought is because of that square cut of the “front flap” which makes it more cardi-esque (as opposed to the drapey, asymmetrical cut I associate with kimonos)? Gods, it’s late, but I think that statement made sense. ;p

    Anyhoo, I’m still digging the pairing of lace and leopard and sequins so you rock that kimodigan, girl! And yes, try a quick spin in gentle cycle to try to soften up the fabric. You may even consider blocking it, depending on the yarn fabric. But as an F21 gal meself, I heartily agree that thou shalt. not. dry. it. in. the. dryer. ;D

    P.S. Am looking for a linkup to fill my Tuesday void. Of the three you’ve listed, which do you prefer/find the most welcoming?

  2. 04.22.2014 / 4:47 am

    Ya know, I think you could be on to something…it may well be the cut. That and the not so soft fabric. You little smarty pants! Ha! I like all 3 linkups…Stylish Tuesday is the most welcoming, Style Sessions is probably the largest of the three, and I don’t always do Trend Spin Linkup only because there’s always a theme and I’m kind of a dress on a whim girl and don’t usually plan what I’m wearing too far in advance.
    How do you stay up late on a school night?! I’m a big baby…I have to go to bed early or I can’t function!!

    • 04.22.2014 / 7:36 am

      I’m on PST, remember? 😉 I usually go to bed at least by midnight; after 9pm is my time, when both my kiddos and my early-riser husband are in bed. That’s when I get a lot of my blogging done.

      Thanks for the linkup tips. I’ve decided I need ’em to be vetted by someone I know before I blithely join in. I’ll participate in all three this week and see which suits my fancy.

  3. 04.22.2014 / 4:56 am

    I think it’s cute, whatever you may call it! Love the sparkly top for day too. P x

  4. 04.22.2014 / 5:26 am

    The lace paired with sequins is too cute!

  5. 04.22.2014 / 5:42 am

    What an incredible Spring/Summer Outfit. I seriously want every piece Debbie. Especially the Shorts & Shoes. They are awesome.

    Happy Tuesday, Love!!

  6. 04.22.2014 / 6:58 am

    delicate and tough denim perfection, dear Debbie

  7. 04.22.2014 / 11:03 am

    I keep eyeing those sneaks and I cannot decide if I want something like that or new chuck taylors ( ohhh the decisions). I like your look but I am wondering if maybe a more colourful cami or t under the lace would make you love it more?

  8. 04.22.2014 / 11:15 am

    I agree that this isn’t my favourite kimodigan of yours. LOL I think it is a bit bulky and also I’m not as wild about the lack of colour.

    Love that sparkly tank though. It is perfect on you.