One of my favorite combos….a graphic tee and blazer.  I found this little gem at Target a few weeks ago.  I saw Pink Floyd twice back in the day, but never bought a concert tee so when I saw this I wanted it.  My husband and I always go to at least one concert a summer, but I rarely buy t-shirts.  They are just so ridiculously overpriced that I just don’t want to spend the money on them.  If I saw one I really loved, I’d definitely splurge, but they are often those thick scratchy tees that never seem to soften up no matter how much they’re washed.
     The jeans are recently acquired from Nordstrom online.  They’re Vigoss ‘clean’ boyfriend jeans.  The cut is very similar to the GAP sexy boyfriend jeans I have, but they are actually much more flattering to the rear view.  They do have a couple little “distresses” on the front, but no holes so that’s nice.  Every once in awhile a girl wants her jeans with no holes, right?
     It’s my last weekend as a free woman…school starts Tuesday.  Last night was Open House, so there’s no escaping the truth!  My goal is to continue posting five days a week, but I’m not sure if that’s realistic or not…I’ve kinda gotten addicted to blogging so I’ll definitely be here.  Oh, and one more thing, I promise not to torture your eyes again with a whole week of slightly out of focus pics. I’m going to stick to auto focus until I either figure out the manual focus or get a better lens. Right now I’m using the kit lens that came with the camera and it’s not so great.

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Jeans: Nordstrom;  T-shirt: (Available in-store);  Blazer: Sears (No longer available)  Sandals: Just Fab


     As gorgeous as the red is on these shoes, they’ve been relegated to the “work only” part of my brain.  I don’t know why that is, but there are certain things that I wear only to work and nowhere else.  Kind of like I wear my cute little cropped sweats to bed, but not out to dinner. Or the previously mentioned yard troll outfit that doesn’t get to go grocery shopping. Those things make sense, but I don’t think these shoes deserve to be pigeon holed.  I mean look at them, that eye-popping cherry red is just beggin’ to be paired with some skinny jeans.  I have plenty of things that cross back and forth between work and real life, so I don’t know why there are some things that I assign that “work only” designation to.  Sometimes I don’t understand how my own brain works…utter craziness, I say.

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Style Tip:  Try to transition pieces of your wardrobe that are situation specific (at least in your mind!) to other areas.  A great casual piece might work out well dressed up with your work clothes and vice versa.



Jacket: Boscovs;  Tank top: Sears;  Skirt: Target (No longer available);  Shoes: Old


    This skirt reminds me of the patterns in blown glass. Weird maybe, but that’s what it reminds me of.  My husband and I go to this outdoor art festival/craft show every summer and there’s a guy there who does blown glass demonstrations.  A lot of his stuff has patterns like this…so pretty!
     I found this tank on a shopping trip to Target last week. It’s ridiculously comfortable and soft.  As usual when I find something I really like, I got it in two colors, gray and olive. I’ve worn both several times since I got them so they’ve already earned their keep.  Because they’re sleeveless and lightweight they’ll be perfect under blazers and cardis in the fall.
     And yes, I know this get up would’ve looked better with heels.  Doesn’t everything?  Well, maybe not everything, but you know what I mean. The thing is, I don’t wear heels every day for a variety of reasons and I want to keep things as real as possible, so flats it is.

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Style Tip:  Being comfortable doesn’t have to mean being frumpy.  While heels might take an outfit up a notch, a cute pair of flats work just as well when heels don’t make sense for the situation.




Skirt: (No longer available);  Tank: (available in-store);  Sandals: Payless (No longer available)


     This is a good example of how you can take a very basic outfit (black tee, cropped jeans) and make it into something special with shoes and accessories.  This week’s Trend Spin Link Up: Cobalt gave me the idea for this look. I decided to start from the ground up and build it around the shoes.  That’s typically how I put my looks together.  I start with one item, whether it be shoes, a top, a skirt or whatever, and build the outfit around that one thing.  It makes it easier to get dressed, especially if you have enough clothing in your closet to start your own boutique.

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Style Tip:  It’s easier to put a look together if you start with one item and build your outfit around it.




T-shirt: WalMart;  Jeans: JCPenney (no longer available);  Shoes: Old;  Necklace: Sassy Steals


     Nothing too fancy today, just casual and basic.  I paired my favorite GAP boyfriend shorts with a simple lace peplum top and flats.  I’m not going to be setting the sartorial world on fire with this one, but I like it and that’s really all that matters, right?  This is an example of what I was talking about in Friday’s post. If I snapped some pics of these shorts paired with my flip flops and my yard work tank top that would take “casual and basic” to a totally different place. Not necessarily a place I want to go if I’m going to be seen in public.  You can pretty much bet a year’s pay on the fact you’ll run into someone that you don’t want to see when you’re dressed like a yard troll.
(I apologize for any blurriness…I was playing with the auto focus on my DSLR which I haven’t had for that long, and I obviously need some more practice!)

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Shorts: GAP;  Top: JCPenney (similar);  Shoes: Windsor