I’ve been looking for a red and black buffalo plaid shirt for the last couple of years. It’s not like it was an intense search, but I did keep an eye out.  I just never found one that I liked, so when I came upon this one at Forever 21 I snapped it up.  Of course I couldn’t be like everyone else and pair it with denim or black so I threw it on over my striped dress and voila, a new mix of prints.  I’ll admit, this one was a little scary, but I did it and I really liked it. I’m pretty sure people sometimes think I get dressed in the dark and just put on whatever I happen to grab.  Maybe the next time I can’t decide what to wear I’ll try that.

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Shirt: Forever 21;  Dress: Forever 21 (old);  Boots: Steve Madden (old)


     It’s pretty rare that I wear all black.  Probably because when I do I feel like a ninja.  Or maybe an undercover government spy.  I suppose that’s all a product of my overactive imagination, but seriously, wouldn’t posing as an elementary special education teacher be perfect for a deep cover op?  Who would ever suspect me?  In any case, I decided to break up the all black with some blingy studs on my belt and of course my awesome new shoes.  So am I an undercover ninja assassin? Maybe…but if I told you, I’d have to kill you, in which case, it’s probably best that you don’t know.

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Style Tip:  Add visual interest to a monochromatic outfit through the use of accessories and shoes.

Sweater: Target (Similar);  Pants: GAP (old);  Belt: Walmart (old);  Shoes: Rampage via TJ Maxx


     This skirt reminds of those cardboard tube kaleidoscopes that used to be around when I was a kid.  I had one that I played with until it fell apart.  There was something magical about the colors and the shapes and the way they all blended one into the other.  Okay, enough of the childhood reminiscing already.  I had to take the magical kaleidoscope skirt and toughen it up with some biker boots. Now we’re talkin’.  I also grew up on the the back of a Harley, so there you have it.  I guess this outfit is a shout out to my magical kaleidoscope Harley ridin’ childhood.

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Sweater: Forever21 (Old);  Skirt: boohoo.com (No longer available);  Boots:  Target


     I might not have thought to wear my cowboy boots with a tulle skirt had it not been for my good friend and “adopted daughter” having a country themed wedding over the weekend.  I was originally going to wear my ivory tulle skirt, but that seemed a little too bride-like, so I got the black one just for the wedding. Just like my other tulle skirt it was under $15 including shipping, so I really couldn’t go wrong.  Surprisingly, the quality isn’t too bad for it being so inexpensive.
     I threw a white button down on top because I didn’t want to get too formal. Chambray kinda felt expected with the boots, and as you all know, me and the expected don’t always jive well together.  The boots are older than dirt, so they’re at that stage of perfectly aged cowboy boot comfort.
      I looked high and low for a belt that was a little bit country looking without being over-the-top full on bull ridin’ rodeo cowboy.  Where did I finally uncover this little gem?  Believe it or not, Tractor Supply.  Do I sound like a complete redneck hick or what? For those of you who might not know what a Tractor Supply is, it is exactly as the name implies. It’s a one stop shop for all of your livestock/chicken feed and farm supply needs. While normally I’m there to pick up dog food, now I just might have to give a more careful look over to the clothing section…

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Style Tip:  Sometimes pairing things that you wouldn’t necessarily think of together works out well. It opens up possibilities for whole new ways to style items in your wardrobe.

Skirt: Amazon;  Shirt: Walmart;  Boots: Old;  Belt: Tractor Supply;  Necklace: Jane.com


     What’s up with the post title you might be wondering?  Did the focus of this blog suddenly switch to home interiors?  Umm…no.  Actually, my husband and I went to TJ Maxx looking for a new coffee table. Somewhere on the way to the home section I got sidetracked.  No, not sidetracked, I was lured away. Sucked in, kind of like a tracking beam from an alien spaceship looking to abduct humans.  It was these damn shoes. Who knew shoes came equipped with devices to lure in unsuspecting humans?  But seriously, are they not super fabulous?  Struck out in regard to the table, but I think the shoes make it a draw.

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Sweatshirt: Forever 21;  Jeans:  JCPenney (no longer available);  Shoes: Rampage via TJ Maxx;  Necklace: Sassy Steals