A couple of interesting facts about this outfit…first of all, hairspray really does remove ink from fabric.  I mean completely, totally, all gone.  Just as I assumed when I first got this blazer, I wore it one time, yes, one time, and apparently got ink on it.  I got it out of the closes to wear it and  there was approximately a two inch long line of ink on the sleeve, and it had been sitting in the closet like that for about three weeks.  I remembered the hairspray tip from Pinterest, and I figured what do I have to lose? I couldn’t wear it with a big ink stain down the sleeve so I sprayed and blotted away. Once it had faded I topped it off with some Shout, threw it in the washer and voila! Good as new.
     The second thing is the shoes.  These were my stripper shoes.  No, I wasn’t stripping on the weekends to earn extra cash, probably wouldn’t be a wise career move.  A few years ago I took a cardio striptease class and these were the shoes I wore.  They made the perfect workout shoes…who knew?

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Blazer: Windsor (no longer available);  Jeans: JCPenney (no longer available);  Shoes: Jessica Simpson (no longer available)


     Yes, my husband was at it again.  His comment became my post title.  When he saw these pants the first thing he said was, “Where did you get those pants? You look like Vanilla Ice in pleather.”  Personally, I’m feelin’ more of an MC Hammer vibe myself.  I happen to think they’re pretty cool.  I’ll admit I was a bit afraid of them, but their superfly awesomeness helped me get over it.
      They are stupid comfortable, I can think of about one hundred ways to style them, and how many other people am I going to run into wearing faux leather slouchy pants?  Umm…none.  At least not around here.  Unless of course Hammer’s back on tour.  Or Vanilla Ice.

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Pants: Urban Outfitters;  Sweater: JCPenney (no longer available);  Pumps: Dorothy Perkins (no longer available)


     I’m not going to write about my bold and daring use of print mixing because let’s be honest here, I do it all the time.  And after all, leopard is the new neutral, am I right?  What I will say though is this is one of my favorite dresses…it fits like a glove and it’s comfy like a nightgown.  You can’t beat that; looking polished enough to go to work, yet comfortable enough to take a nap. It’s a win win.

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Style Tip:  Comfort is an important element of great style.  If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll naturally look a hundred times better.




Dress: Target (no longer available);  Blazer: Sears (no longer available);  Boots: JustFab


          Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m referring to the skirt!  I actually didn’t realize how much too big the skirt was until I looked at the pictures…after I’d worn it of course.  So that means I walked around all day looking like I was sporting a garbage bag.  I’m not fishing for compliments here, just being realistic. That’s another cool thing about having a blog.  You get a chance to really see what works and what doesn’t. Even though it did indeed feel too big when I put it on, I wore it anyway because I’ve wanted a leather skirt for so long I had to wear it.
      Never fear though, when I realized how bad it was, I scoured Ebay and found a different one. Hopefully it will look less like a little girl playing dress up in grown up clothes and more like the smokin’ hot edgy look I was shooting for. I thought about getting it altered, but I have to imagine the cost of having leather tailored would be more than I was willing to spend.
      In any case, I love the floral scarf.  The colors are fall-ish and it pops nicely against the ivory sweater.  Live and learn, right?

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Style Tip:  If something doesn’t fit properly, get it tailored or try a different size.  Fit is everything!


Skirt: Ebay;  Sweater: Target (no longer available);  Scarf: Walmart (in-store only);  Boots: Steve Madden via Amazon


     Over the summer I scored two totally over the top trophy jackets on Ebay.  It hasn’t been cool enough to wear either of them until now, and I couldn’t wait to bust one of them out.  Could this be more obnoxiously wild? I. Love. It!!!  Believe me, one of these babies isn’t for the faint of heart. If you wear it, you have to own it and own it I did.  No other adornment was necessary.  With something this bedazzled a necklace or big earrings would most definitely be overkill. One bonus is you never ever have to worry about running into someone wearing the same thing you are.  And if you do, I would have to say you found your fashion soul mate.

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Style Tip:  If you are going to go bold then totally own it.  If you do, you can’t help but look fabulous because confidence is everything.




Jacket: Ebay;  Jeans: JCPenney (no longer available);  T-shirt: Walmart;  Booties: Steve Madden via Amazon (no longer available)