I finally broke down and bought an ivory blazer.  It scares me just about as much as white jeans.  I have visions of coffee splashes and dirt smudges, and worst of all, those mysterious unidentifiable marks that seem to magically appear on clothing and you have absolutely no recollection of where they came from.  And usually these marks make themselves visible only after you’ve already washed and dried said article of clothing.
     Anyway, I do really love this blazer in it’s current pristine and virginal state.  I think it looks particularly cool over the white tee…although pairing the two together is really asking for a smack down from the stain gods.
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Style Tip:  When wearing white on white on your top half only, be sure to accessorize with a necklace or two or maybe a scarf to add visual interest.

Blazer: Windsor;  T-shirt: Old Navy;  Jeans: Levis (old);  Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (no longer available)

     You will never see me dressed like this in any month with a “u” in it.  January and February are just too dang cold for pencil skirts and pumps and June, July, and August…well, come on now, as Alice Cooper would say school’s out for summer! So no work wear for this girl! Elle from Living In Color Style and Jacqueline from Stylin In St. Louis are hosting a Professional Dress: Work Style Link Up today so I thought it would be good practice for the inevitable rapidly approaching first day of school.
     To be perfectly honest, as you will see in the upcoming months I don’t typically dress quite like this for work.  I don’t dress inappropriately, but I do like to push the envelope a little bit.  I guess I’m a rebel at heart… I mean really, how many elementary teachers do you know with seven tattoos?
     In case anyone was wondering, yes, the glasses are real. Unfortunately, they aren’t a fashion statement.  I’m supposed to wear them all of the time, but I hate anything on my face, so I pretty much don’t wear them.  It’s only really a problem when oh, I don’t know…I need to see!
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Style Tip:  Always be yourself.  You can dress appropriately for the occasion, but still be unique through the use of colors, textures, patterns, and accessories.



Top: KMart (old);  Skirt: Newport News (old);  Pumps: Target (old) Necklace: Very Jane


     One of the nice things about doing this blog, is it has made me look at my clothes in a different way and wear things that I haven’t worn in awhile.  Case in point…the pink skinny jeans.  I love the color and they are really comfortable, but they aren’t super flattering to the bum.  You know how some skinny jeans kinda flatten you out instead of perking you up? That’s what I’m talking about.  The last time I wore them I paired them with flat ankle booties.  This time I thought I’d throw on some heels because we all know what heels do for the rear view.  Still not fabulous, but an improvement.  I’m thinking maybe these will be jeans I pair with longer tops to cover the butt from now on…or maybe I’ll sell them on Ebay and they will be kinder to someone else’s bum. What do you think?  Keep or sell?
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Jeans: GAP (old);  Top: old;  Sandals: Just Fab


     I decided to build an outfit around my bright blue GAP broken in straight khakis because I haven’t worn them for quite awhile.  I have them in probably a gazillion colors and I love them.  I have so many because they’re so freakin’ comfortable and they fit me perfectly.  To be honest, the first few pairs I bought had to be exchanged a few times before I landed on the right size. GAP’s sizing is all over the place!  Once I found the right size though I hoarded these bad boys like a squirrel with nuts.  I believe if you find a wardrobe staple that fits you well and you love it, you should stock up.
     I paired them with my metallic wedges and belt and my “Love is Love.” tribal heart tee.  This is one of my favorite tees because the graphic is so pretty, but primarily because of what it says.  I’m a huge supporter of gay rights and if that offends anyone, feel free to click elsewhere. I would one day very much like to be able to call my son’s boyfriend my son-in-law.  I love graphic tees, but my favorites are the ones that mean something.
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Style Tip:  When deciding what to wear, it makes it easier if you start with one piece and then build the rest of your outfit around it.




Pants: GAP;  T-shirt: Cafe Press;  Shoes: Steve Madden (old);  Necklace: Sassy Steals


     I love pretty much everything about this dress…the colors, the cut, the fabric and most of all, the versatility.  At first glance it might seem to be a very spring/summer dress because of the bright floral print. But I can’t wait to style it with a blazer or cardigan and then a chunky cable knit pull over, tights, and boots when it’s colder.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lunatic wishing for cold weather, but ya gotta admit, fall and winter clothes offer a lot more styling options than summer. Am I right?
     I paired it with black pumps and just threw on a couple of strands of faux pearls and then my denim vest and nude flats.  Because there is so much going on with the dress, I kept the accessories at the bare minimum.  I think the next time I’ll go with nude or pink pumps because I’m not sure I’m loving the black.
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Style Tip:  Try to add clothing to your wardrobe that offers a lot of versatility in regard to styling options and seasonal wear.



Dress: sheinside;  Pumps:  Rampage (old) similar;  Flats: Target