Peplum Tank Top & Men’s Button Down: Printer Gone Rogue

Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts.

While I am fully aware that technology is an amazing thing, there are times that it borders on the terrifying…


…For example, I’ll be shopping for say, oh I don’t know, let’s say a pair of red pumps on my home computer. Then for the next several days, ads for red pumps pop up on my phone in my Facebook feed, my Instagram feed, my local weather app, on my work computer…seriously, what the hell? That freaks me out.

Well, the other evening I discovered a new technology terror. I rarely use my printer; as in maybe once every few months. Recently I’ve been using it more to print some things for a class that I’m taking. This message would pop up saying that I needed to go to the HP website or my printer would be shut down. When I first bought the printer a few years back I had signed up for HP Instant Ink, which I thought was a deal where I paid a minimal fee each month and then every few months they would send me ink cartridges. In any case, the card that the account was linked to was one that I had to close a couple of years ago (shortly after I bought the printer) because the numbers had been stolen.

I have obviously used the printer several times since then, but had never gotten the weird pop up messages from HP. I figured the pop up was simply one of those things to get me to go to the website and re-enroll in the ink program. Sunday night I hit “print” and my printer shoots me this message that says basically “Um no.” Whaattt????

So, I go to the HP ink website and start up a chat session; and those are always so much fun. In any case, the lovely Chelsea at HP proceeds to tell me that for all intents and purposes they are holding my printer hostage. My options are: a) Re-enroll in the program, and my printer would instantly be released from printer jail; or b) Remove the cartridges and go buy new ones at a retail establishment. Mind you, the cartridges are nowhere near being out of ink. When I questioned Chelsea in regard to the fact the card had been deactivated two years ago and thus they hadn’t been billing me, so why now were they up in my business, she of course had no answer.

In any case, I was not a happy girl. Simply on principal alone I did not want to re-enroll in their stupid ink program. Unfortunately, it is way more cost effective then buying ink elsewhere. As to not cut off my nose to spite my face, I went to my account, entered the new information and it told me that it could not identify the printer. Wait. What? You’re holding the f-ing printer hostage, but you can’t identify it?? Okay. In order to identify it, they needed my printer’s email address. I kid you not, my freakin’ printer apparently has it’s own email account. And I had to ask my printer for it’s email address. True story friends. I can’t make stuff like this up. So the next time you’re sitting at your desktop, keep a side eye on your printer. You never know what it might be up to.


Last week I had to make the trek to my attic. I was on the hunt for some throw pillows I hadn’t used for a thousand years to put inside the super fun new boho pillow covers that I had gotten for our patio. Apparently I had thrown the pillows out during one of my attic purges, but lo and behold I happened upon the fabulous floral print button down that I’m sporting today.

I opened a giant garbage bag that potentially could have had throw pillows in it, but instead found a boatload of my son’s old fancy printed button down shirts. Score! It made the perfect lightweight “jacket” over the super cute striped peplum tank top I found at Walmart for under $7. They were a print mix match made in heaven.

Unbelievably, this summer my denim boyfriend shorts have only made an appearance on the blog once; normally they show up at least once a week because they are pretty much all I wear all summer long. This summer I’ve made a point of trying to mix things up when I leave the house, hence not so many denim shorts posts. Buuutttt…when my lovely Ageless Style Link Up partners in crime decided the theme for July was shorts, I said to myself, “Hells ya! Bring out the denim shorts sister!” And lucky me, my newest pair of ever-present Birkenstocks are blue so they worked with my overall color scheme for the outfit.


I know we hear this all of the time, but shop your closet attic every once in awhile. And it’s always a good idea to go through bags headed for donation one last time…because, well, you never know what you might find.


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Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts.Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts. Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts.Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts. Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts.Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts. Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts.Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts. Peplum tank top, men's button down and boyfriend shorts.

Top: Walmart (Similar);  Shirt: Similar;  Shorts: Old Navy (Similar); Sandals: Birkenstock (Similar)

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  1. 07.4.2017 / 12:48 am

    A printer with an email address? Ask it if it would like to sign up to my post’s lol! What a pain in the backside! Thank you for hosting Debbie. I always think you look good in these baby Blue colours xx

  2. 07.4.2017 / 12:05 pm

    Debbie, I could not help but both grow perturbed and laugh out loud about your printer situation. Wow – the things companies can and will do these days. What a great find in your attic! Makes me think I need to shop the boys closets occasionally. Happy 4th, Debbie!

  3. 07.4.2017 / 5:36 pm

    It weirds me out too how just looking at a site will shift the target of the ads I see on FB or other sites. I love the outfit you put together, especially the “borrowed from the boys” shirt. Another fabulous ageless look.


  4. 07.4.2017 / 6:51 pm

    I’m with you on the techno creepiness. The Hubs sent me a text about a mattress and I’ve been seeing that mattress everywhere now. I hate it.

    But I love that button down! And Birkenstocks are my new favorite shoes. I’m already thinking about my next pair.

  5. 07.6.2017 / 11:33 am

    I simply love the combinations you come up with, Debbie. This is perfect. Love that cute top and the oversized button up as a jacket is slouchy savy! Ha, ha. Great fun look. – Amy