Ruffle Hem High Low Shirt & Skinny Jeans: The Color Purple

High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks.

Why the glasses in today’s shots? It’s true that I have to wear them all of the time because ever since turning 40 I can’t see a thing without them, although I don’t usually wear them in photos because I feel more like me without them…


…Today I’m wearing them to kinda sorta disguise my eyes. If you look closely, not only are they swollen to the point of being little beady rodent-like eyes, but they are also screaming red. Red as in it looks like I locked myself in a windowless room and went on a weed smokin’ Oreo cookie eating bender for two days. Umm…not that I’d know from past experience or anything…but I’ve heard stories. 😉

No, the red eyes aren’t a result of anything nearly that amusing; more stupidity really. While this might sound unbelievable, it’s true. I’m allergic to purple. Yes, purple. As in the color. I know, I’m a freak. I can’t wear any sort of eye makeup that has purple in it ever. I’ve known this since I was a teenager. If I do, my eyes swell up, turn bright red and become insanely itchy and teary…for days.

The day before Thanksgiving (which is when I took these shots) I had used this gorgeous cobalt blue eyeliner which, unbeknownst to me, apparently has some purple in it. I was out and about in the world when I realized there was a problem and couldn’t do anything about it. By the time I got home and took it off, alas it was too late…I already looked like an extra from a Cheech and Chong movie. So for today, glasses it is. Because, you know, clear lenses hide your eyes…


As often happens, while I was Christmas shopping I stumbled upon this ruffle hem high low shirt at JCPenney…and promptly started drooling. The ruffles and high low hem were totally irresistible. And when I tried it on and it actually fit with no gaping (that’s a typical problem I have with button downs) I was sold. The only downside that I discovered when I wore it on Thanksgiving is the material seems to attract all sorts of things like a magnet. It’s nothing that I can’t live with though because the cool details make up for it. I wasn’t able to link to the exact shirt as for some reason it was nowhere to be found online. I did link to some super similar ruffle hem high low shirts below though so check those out. And if you have a JCP nearby, peruse the a.n.a. section and see if it’s in stock.

I have two words for you. Velvet socks. Seriously, who knew? I sure didn’t, but now that I do there will definitely be more showing up in my sock drawer. They are dreamy soft, cuddly and add a surprising bit of pretty texture to just about anything you pair with them. Free People has them in 7 gorgeous colors and they’re a great deal at 3 for $30. Not only do I highly recommend a pair (or three) for yourself, but they would make a great stocking stuffing too!


Don’t forget about small details like socks and tights. Adding either one in a eye-catching color, or a fun texture or pattern can make a surprising difference in an outfit. It’s all in the details my friends.


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High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks.High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks. High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks.High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks. High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks.High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks. High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks.High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks. High low ruffle hem shirt, skinny jeans and velvet socks.

Top: JCPenney (Similar);  Jeans: JCPenney (Similar);  Boots: Aldo (Similar);  Socks: Free People

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  1. 11.29.2017 / 6:57 am

    Ooh, your poor eyes! I had One Year with terrible allergies – to what, I have no idea, but Every Day my eyes were just MISERABLE creatures – itchy watery puffy ugh. So I feel your pain. Hope it eases up for you soon!

    And thanks for the reminder about details. That’s the thing my wardrobe lacks! I keep putting on the things and just feeling like…something’s missing. A scarf, a long necklace, SOMETHING. Will get on that right away, thanks to you 🙂


  2. 11.29.2017 / 6:58 am

    I’m sorry about your eye allergy, I get it though. I don’t feel like myself with glasses because I only started wearing them last year! I honestly don’t mind the aging process but I sure do miss my old eyesight and my old feet that could wear any shoe and be just fine! Oh well!
    I cannot believe you found that top at JCP! All their stores here are disgusting and messy and not close to my house at all. When I do get a chance to visit the store I end up leaving frustrated, I guess I need to give them another shot. Velvet socks sound delightful!
    Kellyann recently posted…The Look for LessMy Profile

  3. 11.29.2017 / 8:50 am

    That’s so crazy about your allergy to purple eye makeup!! What a great way to add a little excitement to the day…ugh!!!
    But I always like wearing my glasses because it covers up the bags and wrinkles a little better—ha ha!!
    And this top is so you—it’s unique and fabulous, and so many other adjectives!!!
    You look absolutely incredible, Debbie!
    Jodie filogomo recently posted…Stripes and Print Mixing are a Perfect CombinationMy Profile

  4. 11.29.2017 / 10:57 am

    Sorry about your eye . But I must wear glasses to cover my bags. I love this top on You and would have purchased it too if I saw it at my JCP. It is a party in the back and you wear it so well. Happy Holidays!!
    Neti recently posted…Thanks!My Profile

  5. 11.29.2017 / 2:23 pm

    This is such a gorgeous outfit! I absolutely love the ruffle design of your top. It’s too bad that you are literally allergic to the color purple! I hope the swelling goes down soon.
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree
    Sheree recently posted…Mask-a-Holics: Beginners Guide 101My Profile

  6. 11.29.2017 / 9:24 pm

    Dang woman! You are look pretty sexy in that top and jeans. You look just as pretty with the glasses as with no glasses. You hair has gotten so long,..I know I have been missing in action, so I haven’t commented on your blog in a while. You look amazing! Love that top. I shop Penney’s a lot and I haven’t seen this one. Velvet socks? Who’d a thunk! Love the whole look. Hope your eyes are feeling better. I have eczema on my eyes and face, so when I have flair ups I understand the swollen and red. No fun! – Amy

  7. 11.30.2017 / 2:00 pm

    Sorry to hear you’re suffering with sore eyes. I once had a reaction to a contact lens solution that I’d used lots in the past but the formula must have changed. It took weeks (and several trips to the doctor) to work it out. I love your ruffle top, such an unusual design. I like the sound of velvet socks!

    Emma xxx
    Emma Peach recently posted…Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket + Link UpMy Profile

  8. 12.1.2017 / 2:13 am

    A spectacular and wonderful garment! The shirt with ruffles and asymmetric hem is beautiful. You, with glasses, also look very beautiful.
    josep-maria recently posted…EnquestaMy Profile

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