Silk Joggers & Cami: The End Of An Era

Silk joggers, cami and duster.

Well, today was my official “last day of school” before the surgery on my foot…


…And quite honestly, I’m more than a little bit sad. I am planning on going back the last week although when I saw the surgeon this afternoon she wasn’t exactly super excited about that because I can’t risk any bumps to the foot while the bones are healing. I assured her that I’d take the elevator up to my room, and that once I got there I wouldn’t leave my chair. She agreed that as long as I do exactly that and wear my boot (as if I wouldn’t) she’ll okay it.

Some of you might be wondering, “Why go back at all if it’s just for one week?” For one thing, as all of you who work in education know, the last week is a flurry of paperwork and general wrapping up the year. There are things that simply need to be done. That’s not the main reason though.

If you’ve been a regular reader of the blog for awhile then you know that I absolutely love my job. I love my kids like they’re my own. I want to be able to spend that last week with them so that we can say our proper goodbye’s for the summer. It’s also the last time I’ll be with my 8th graders as they will be leaving me to go to high school, and one of those 8th graders is quite honestly, my favorite young human being of my teaching career. I know, we’re not supposed to have favorites, but hey, it happens. Trust me, if you met him, you’d love him too. Therefore, that last week is particularly important to me. I want to be there to soak it all in and enjoy what will be for me, the end of one of the most memorable and special eras of my teaching career.


Who knew when I picked up these silk joggers on clearance for a mere $8 a few years back they would end up lasting through so many outfits? This one was one of my favorites. The real meat of this look though, is the layering. I’m pretty sure in this case I took it to the expert level.

First, the lace cami is obviously too low cut for work. The remedy for that? A  super lightweight tank top underneath the cami. The next quandry was it was a bit chilly so I needed a top layer with a little heft, but not too much since it is May after all. Enter the duster cardigan. After putting it on I decided it needed a little something else soooo…I layered a sleeveless duster underneath the original. Still with me? It was the perfect amount of layers for a cool spring day and for keeping the girls under wraps too.

Speaking of outfits, take a minute to check out the spot on boho look that Amy at Stylin’ Granny Mama put together after being inspired by my boho skirt and graphic tee outfit from a few weeks back. She nailed it!


When you’re considering layering several pieces, keep these three things in mind:

  • The weight of the material that each piece is made of. You don’t want to appear bulky. Here is an example of a winter look that was plenty warm minus the bulk.
  • The colors; contrast, match, intentionally mismatch. Pick your poison, but do it with intent. I love the contrast in this outfit.
  • The textures and/or prints. Be sure that the pieces your pairing work well together visually and that they create an interesting visual impact. This look has both a mix of textures and print.


Check out the weekly link ups I participate in for even more fashion and style ideas…

Check out the weekly link ups I participate in for even more fashion and style ideas...Check out the weekly link ups I participate in for even more fashion and style ideas...Check out the weekly link ups I participate in for even more fashion and style ideas... Check out the weekly link ups I participate in for even more fashion and style ideas...Silk joggers, cami and duster.Silk joggers, cami and duster.Silk joggers, cami and duster. Silk joggers, cami and duster. Silk joggers, cami and duster.

Joggers: Similar;  Long Sleeve Duster: JCPenney (Similar);  Sleeveless Duster: JCPenney (Similar);  Cami: American Eagle (Similar);  Sandals: JCPenney



  1. 05.18.2017 / 8:42 pm

    Good luck with the surgery Debbie! It’s never any fun, but hopefully it’ll make life so much better!!
    And I get the idea of going back to school—I always say that sometimes time off is harder than being there because you feel like you miss out on so much!!
    Love the joggers…do you realize that my husband has a pair and I don’t! There’s something wrong with that, I think!!
    Jodie filogomo recently posted…Adding your Denim Jean Jacket to a DressMy Profile

  2. 05.18.2017 / 9:20 pm

    I have been thinking of you this week and praying your surgery goes well .I instantly knew what you meant about wanting to be there for your students. While I have not been a teacher, I have been a sub-teacher and volunteer in my son’s schools over the years and still appreciate how you want to be there for them at the end of the year.
    Jennie recently posted…Olive Dress, Wooden Wedges & A LinkupMy Profile

  3. 05.19.2017 / 4:43 am

    Wishing you all the best and a super speedy, problem free recovery! I totally get going back for the last week, as a school counselor I understand the connection and relationships that are so powerful and having closure with a special student as he moves on. That type of dedication and personal integrity is the difference between an educator and someone just doing a job. What an impact you must make on these kids daily although I bet you’d say they do the very same for you.
    Kellyann recently posted…Friday Favorites – Separates EditionMy Profile

  4. 05.19.2017 / 1:42 pm

    Surgery is never fun, dearest Debbie; sending best wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery!! And yes!! This look is definitely about next-level layering…even your necklaces are playing the game!! I’m glad to see that you took a pair of heels out for one more spin before D-Day (or is that S-Day?!)…how long will you be stuck wearing a boot cast?? When I broke my foot, it was five looong weeks before I was out of that thing!! I’ll be thinking of you!! XOXO

  5. 05.20.2017 / 9:27 am

    First of all I have to say I love your blog. It is so clean and easy to find my way around and overall has a beautiful look and feel! Next I love your photos today, they are so artist and the lighting was perfect. I have so much trouble with lighting. Lastly I hope your surgery goes well, I’ll have you in my thoughts! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker
    Cheryl Tucker recently posted…Color In Small Doses & Ladies Who Link Up PartyMy Profile

  6. 05.20.2017 / 9:41 am

    Great styling! These jogger look great and go really well with your Bohemian inspired style. I love how you layered the tops too. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.
    nicole recently posted…Review of Covered Perfectly top | linkupMy Profile

  7. Marsha
    05.23.2017 / 1:04 pm

    Good luck with your surgery. It’s strange how much we have in common. I began my career in special education, but I never had the luxury of my own class (there’s nothing like your own class and what a delight it would have been to have them over and over again). I had my left foot reconstructed and was home for three months. I missed my students terribly. And, today (which is your tomorrow) marks the fifth anniversary of my last day teaching. Try to enjoy the days off…I completely understand that need to be there the last week. Good luck!