Black Blazer & Hoodie: Hot Chocolate And Adhesive

Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots.

I have a couple of really “meaty” topics kicking around in my head for blog posts. They’re more on the deep, meaningful, darker side of the spectrum as opposed to the lighter more amusing side…


…For whatever reason, as of late, I’ve just been feeling the “fluff” pieces more than the heavy stuff. The heavy stuff requires deep thought, introspection and carefully crafted writing. The fluff on the other hand is just that; “fluff”, simple fun and entertainment. It’s easy for me to write and easy for you to read. I like to call it “brain candy”. No deep thinking required. With that in mind, today’s little piece of brain candy is…

National Gingerbread House Day. Betcha didn’t even know that was a thing did you? Well, now you do. Tuesday the 12th was National Gingerbread House Day, and since my friend Becky is all over the weird national whatever it happens to be today list, she convinced the rest of us into thinking that building gingerbread houses with a room full of middle schoolers was a fabulous idea. And since Walmart happened to have four different gingerbread construction kits; a house, a train, a village and a nativity scene, we picked up one of each.

On Tuesday morning once all of the kits were laid out, there was an unbelievable amount of petulant pouty whining; “Becky, this is harrddd…” “Becky, I don’t understand how to do thisss…” “Becky, I can’ttt…” And that was the other three of us adults in the room.😂 The kids on the other hand were pumped over the whole idea.

For those of you unfamiliar with these pre-made kits, they come with all of the necessary accoutrements including candy decorations and frosting, which in the directions is called “adhesive”. That my friends, is an understatement. It was everywhere…and on everyone. Between the adhesive frosting, the candy snowflakes, and tiny candy balls it looked like a scene from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory…had it been a disaster movie.

Needless to say, even though (or perhaps because of the fact) it took just about all day, the kids had a blast. And of course their primary concern was, “Can we eat them?” Surprisingly, the things are actually edible. I gotta say though, I was not eating something described as “adhesive”, but then again, I’m not 12. Lucky for them, today (the 13th of December) was National Hot Chocolate Day and I happened to have some hot chocolate. So they got to enjoy eating their projects along with some hot chocolate to wash down all of that adhesive.


Sometimes simple is a good thing. If I had to sum up the individual pieces in today’s outfit in one word, that word would be “simple”. But…there’s always a but, isn’t there? While the pieces are simple individually; black blazer, gray hoodie, skinny jeans, taupe over the knee boots…when combined I think that they go way beyond simple.

The black blazer and boots take the casual basic hoodie and jeans in a much sharper direction. The overall vibe of the look is still casual, but with a little something extra. This is actually only the second time that I’ve worn these boots. They are the perfect heel height; high enough for some sexy, but solid enough to be comfortable, and they are the perfect shade of taupe. So why have I only worn them twice?

The style of this particular pair makes them super challenging to wear. They are super soft and slouchy and the shaft has absolutely no support to hold itself up. Yes, there is a drawstring at the top, but it does not tie tight enough for them to stay up. Tights, jeans, bare legs…no matter what, after a few minutes of wear they would slide down to my calves. Hence, unwearable.

Until I found a nifty invention called the “Boot Bra”. I discovered it on Amazon while searching for ways to keep slouchy boots in place. In light of the fact there is an actual product designed specifically for this problem, I can assume I’m not alone. I can’t recommend it enough. Yes, at $25 it seems a bit pricey, but as I’ve discovered, definitely well worth it if you have a pair of boots that you love, but can’t wear because they fall down.


If you love your otk boots, but have slipping issues do yourself a favor and drop the $25 for a pair of Boot Bra straps…they might not be sexy, but they get the job done.


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Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots.Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots. Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots.Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots. Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots.Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots. Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots.Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots. Black blazer, hoodie and over the knee boots.

Blazer: Similar;  Hoodie: Target (Similar);  Jeans: Similar;  Boots: Charlotte Russe (Similar)


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    • 12.14.2017 / 6:02 am

      You should try them…they really do work. Although $25 seems a bit steep to me which is why I hesitated for so long. I’m glad I got them though, and I suppose the price is worth it since I can wear these boots now. You can also order extra snaps so that you can use them with any number of pairs of boots.
      debbies recently posted…Black Blazer & Hoodie: Hot Chocolate And AdhesiveMy Profile

  1. 12.13.2017 / 10:13 pm

    Boot Bra. Now I’ve heard of EVERYTHING.

    Love this simple look. Those boots make your legs look 10′ long.


  2. 12.14.2017 / 2:30 am

    Beautiful style, I love your boots and the beautiful way to combine your casual clothes.

  3. 12.14.2017 / 3:11 am

    What a fun Idea to make the Ginger bread houses! For someone else that is! I hate messing up food!😂😂😂😂 Great idea the bra! I hate it when otk boots drop down. I love the look!
    Nancy Baten recently posted…FLORAL PAREO SKIRT & FLORAL TOPMy Profile

  4. 12.14.2017 / 7:05 am

    Holy hotness Debbie, you look smokin hot in this! Seriously you look like you’re 5’10 and 105 pounds. I am loving your layering ! Wowza, that’s the best I can say, wowza!
    The gingerbread houses are a great idea – fabulous learning experience for everyone. We do them at our December staff meeting and let each team do one, it’s so much fun and the teachers are so creative!
    Kellyann recently posted…The Holiday Series: Wedding AttireMy Profile

  5. 12.16.2017 / 2:15 pm

    We usually get the gingerbread town, which comes with 4 houses and then each one of us gets one. I ALWAYS use the ‘adhesive’ (LOL!!) and put them together for everyone the night before and then they set up overnight and harden, so that they stay together while we decorate them the next day. This has helped us SO much!!! LOL! Gingerbread houses are def. overated! LOL! I love this classy look with the blazer! I need to get my blazers out more, especially for a more casual look like this!


  6. 12.19.2017 / 8:12 am

    Hi Debbie! This is such a fun post…I really like how you styled the blazer! I also didn’t know there was such a thing as National Gingerbread House Day! AND I’m definitely checking out the boot bra straps; another thing I didn’t know about! Have a great day!

  7. 12.26.2017 / 3:32 pm

    I enjoy writing different topics on the blog as well as reading in addition to fashion. I find that Fridays I feel the instrospecitve posts come out more.. hehe. Anyhow, a mix of both is great! i had no idea there was Gingerbread day.. however, I dont know about most days!! heh. Love the criss cross top and blazer on you, and those boots are fab! i cant get enough of wearing boots !
    thanks for linking! Happy Holidays!
    jess xx

  8. 12.31.2017 / 2:48 pm

    Love your boots, Debbie. They look great. I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house but never got around to it. Thanks for sharing at The Christmas blog hop.
    Claire recently posted…The Pixie-Bob: Over 40 Style…My Profile