Tulle Dress & Adidas: Shift The Paradigm

Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket.

Some topics can be summed up in one post with no further discussion necessary, while others warrant ongoing discussion…


…A topic that I feel needs to be discussed and perhaps discussed often is the idea of “age appropriate” dressing. The complete eradication of that concept is pretty much the foundation upon which FFD is built. It’s a subject I haven’t really brought up in awhile because I think perhaps I became complacent. Between the constant interaction amongst those of us involved in the Fierce 50 revolution and me being caught up in my own little bubble of wearing whatever the hell I like, I forgot.

I forgot that although there is an ever growing number of us who realize that fashion is supposed to be a means of self-expression, there is still a segment of the world that does not subscribe to that belief. I came across a comment on Instagram the other day that slapped me in the face with reality. One of the lovelies whom I follow, who happens to dress herself in a way which pleases her and makes her feel beautiful (and she looks amazing btw), had this comment under one of her posts: “I’m wondering if you should start transitioning to a look more age appropriate. Just asking. No offense.” 

Perhaps the writer of said comment truly meant “no offense”, but seriously? How does that not come off as at least slightly offensive? My real question is what exactly does “transitioning to a look more age appropriate” mean? As far as I know, there is no expiration date on personal style. There is not some chronological milestone that tells us “now is the time you must start wearing elastic waist polyester pants and orthopedic footwear”.

The vast majority of us who choose to dress in what some may view as “youthful” attire are by no means trying to be something that we are not; we are not engaged in some delusional attempt to regain our lost youth. We are quite simply, expressing who we are in a manner that makes us feel beautiful while remaining true to our authentic selves. If you are someone who has chosen a more traditional path in regard to how you dress because that’s who you are, that’s fine because it’s your business. By the same token, it’s high time we all become a little more open-minded in regard to the fact that we are not all the same, and this is not the world in which our mothers and grandmothers came of age.

Women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond are vastly different then we were even twenty years ago. We have careers, we travel the world, we have outrageous senses of humor, we have opinions and we voice them. We have things to say. And one of those things is, we will dress ourselves in whatever the hell we like. We need to be supportive of our sisters. We need to shift the paradigm. Age should not define what we wear; what we wear should define who we are.


From time to time I’ve been rocking the dress over jeans look, and awhile back I came across some photos on Pinterest and Instagram of sheer tulle dresses/skirts over jeans and loved it. The hunt commenced and finally I found this nude tulle dress at Forever 21, which unfortunately is now sold out. I realized that not only was it going to be fabulous over jeans and denim shorts, but it was also to layer over this taupe sundress. The belt gave the dresses some definition and since everything was pretty much neutral I added a pop of bright turquoise with the jewelry.

When ShieldOn contacted me in regard to reviewing one of their phone cases, the timing could not have been better. I have always carried a mega-giant wallet that held everything; cards, cash, photos, checkbook, and had recently decided that I needed to seriously downsize because it was quite simply to bulky. When I checked out the cases, I was super excited to see that not only do they protect your phone, but there are also card slots and a place to stash your cash.

I was even more pleased when it arrived. It was beautifully packaged (don’t you love when something arrives with gorgeous packaging?), but the best part was the quality of the leather. It’s buttery soft, solidly made and the color is so pretty. An added bonus is the “kickstand” feature which allows you to prop your phone so that it stands up for easy scrolling. As a special gift for my readers, Shield On is offering a 10% discount on both their website and their Amazon store. Simply enter SDCODE10 at checkout to receive your discount.


Layering is the key to wearing the same pieces in different ways. Even when the weather warms up, layers continue to work as long as they’re lightweight. This single layer tulle dress was made for summertime layering and will provide a plethora of styling options for the basics in my summer wardrobe.


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Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket.Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket. Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket.Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket. Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket.Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket. Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket.Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket. Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket.Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket. Tulle dress, Adidas & denim jacket.

Tulle dress: Forever 21 (Similar);  Sundress: Three Bird Nest (Similar);  Jacket: Chico’s;  Adidas: Nordstrom; Phone case: ShieldOn

**Phone case was provided c/o ShieldOn. All opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. 04.29.2017 / 12:32 am

    I have to admit that you have a way with words, Debbie!! At first I just wanted to say “go girl!!” Because everything you say is true!
    Dressing fun and creatively—doesn’t that mean we are fun??!!! That’s what I feel—even though I’m usually a little more conservative—I hear those “rules” we grew up with and try to toss them to the curb now and again!! It’s like a muscle, right? It’s takes practice!!!
    And look at you rocking the skirt with sneakers like we just did!! Of course I should have worn my tulle (ish) skirt—but no, I played it safe with the denim skirt!! But trust me–I’m totally copying this outfit (as soon as the snow we just got melts away!!)
    Jodie filogomo recently posted…Lindsey & Have Clothes, Will Travel InterviewMy Profile

    • debbies
      05.1.2017 / 9:36 pm

      I’ve always been a rule breaker…surprising I know…lol! But yes, I think for a lot of people it takes practice just like building a muscle. You definitely need to do the sneaks with tulle! And snow…ewwww

  2. 04.29.2017 / 11:37 am

    Well, this look is pretty effing amazing. AND SO AGE APPROPRIATE !!! Ha.

    If “people” insist on continuing this whole “style as it pertains to age” thing, then MAYBE the new…THING…should be to dress MENTAL age appropriate. I’m dressing my MENTAL age 🙂 The FACT that I have been on this earth for 56 years has nothing to do with how I FEEL. Or what I LIKE. Or what I feel is COMFORTABLE or FLATTERING (to me).

    People. THIA (Throwing Hands in Air). I just coined that. But I like you. You may use it.

    PS – any words uttered followed by “no offense,” are most assuredly OFFENSIVE. And the utterer KNOWS that!



    • debbies
      05.1.2017 / 9:38 pm

      True dat sister! We should totally dress our mental age although I always say I have the mentality of a twelve year old boy so I don’t know what that would mean for my wardrobe…lol! And I love THIA; I’m totally stealing it.

  3. 04.29.2017 / 5:37 pm

    Debbie, I think part of the problem is the whole fashion industry itself. Just leaf through some of the magazines. Young women, many of them probably barely out of their teen years. Rarely do you see older women and almost never do you see them featured regularly. What the fashion industry promotes is not individuality, but conformity. What we as bloggers are trying to show is that we all can be different. We look different, believe different, have different dreams and desires, and that is what makes us beautiful. As you said, if I want to dress like a princess I can. Heck, if Hollywood stars can wear practically nothing, then why can’t you or I wear a tulle skirt or a fun graphic tee? I love your looks and your blog. Thanks for keeping it real. This dress is to die for and I have been on the search for just the right tulle skirt and pleated skirt. Still looking, but I know I’ll come across one some where! Have a great weekend. – Amy

    • debbies
      05.1.2017 / 9:42 pm

      You are absolutely right; the fashion industry is still caught up in conformity. I think that is why so many of us (bloggers, especially of the older variety) are gaining momentum. Women are looking for realistic fashion role models, not crazy thin 16 year olds. They want to see women like themselves dressing in a way that is attainable for themselves.

    • debbies
      05.1.2017 / 9:49 pm

      Yes! Sisters in Anti-Age Appropriate Solidarity!!

  4. 04.30.2017 / 4:33 pm

    Oh gosh Deb, that drives me nuts…the term” age appropriate”. Yes, elastic waist pants and comfort shoes with orthopedic inserts. It should be fun , dressing ! Well, I could go on…. Love your tulle skirt and the mix with your torquoise Jord watch and addidas. Love! I’ve bought a couple pair of sneakers I’m looking forward to wearing.
    Jess xx

  5. 05.1.2017 / 1:45 pm

    This outfit is gorgeous on you! I love everything about it. And let me say, that I feel the same way about hair styles and color! A few years ago I had some pink put into mine, and later some purple, and once some blue, and the feed back from some people (non-stylish people I might add) was about like the person’s IG comment that you mentioned. I mean, really. IT’s HAIR! It grows out and the color fades and lasts almost no time! Its fun. Its fashionable. Its harmless. ENjoy!
    🙂 gwingal

  6. 05.1.2017 / 3:21 pm

    To me, dressing your age isn’t a matter of style, but a matter of knowing who you are. Some people dress young to try to look young, but others (like you) dress in “younger generation” clothes because it’s what they like. I worked retail for several years and I saw hundreds of older women shopping younger departments simply for the reason that they liked what was there. Women would ask me if some clothes were too young, when they looked absolutely fine (and I would tell them that). To me, when I see this outfit I see who you are, not someone who is trying to fake being a different age. You are 50+ and rocking it. You “older” fashionistas give me joy, encouraging me that I don’t have to give up the fashion I love just because I grow older.

    Also, I love the sneakers with this outfit. It makes it that much more awesome.

  7. 05.8.2017 / 3:33 am

    I love to dress in things I love and feel comfortable in. I hate to think of having to wear set things at set ages, haha,,,never!!

    Great look as always Debbie. I am featuring your post today at Creative Mondays, thanks so much for sharing.
    clairejustine recently posted…Forty Four : Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop..My Profile