Pink Lace Up Sweatshirt & Tulle Skirt: The Women That Get You

Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas.

I’ve written about friendship before in general terms, and I’ve written about the importance of friendships that were decades in the making


…Today I want to talk about those women (if you’re lucky enough to have ’em) with whom you spend the majority of your waking moments. I’m talking about the women you work with. No, I’m not talking about the chicas that you pass in the hall and say, “Yo, what’s up?” I’m talking about the women that get you; the women that make the cut; the women that become your friends. I’m talking about the women that know all of your dirty little details and love you anyway.

Any of you who’ve been regular readers for awhile know how much I love my job…in the past I’ve tended to go on and on to the point it probably grosses you out and you start thinking I’m some sort of freak. But that’s okay, I’m proud to let my freak flag fly. Anyhow, it is only October and I can tell you right now that this year is going to be the best year ever. As in ever in my entire teaching career. Why? Because of these women:

These pictures succinctly sum up what our lives are like…Every. Single. Minute…of every work day. And unlike other work friends, we are literally together all day long in one small classroom with 15 middle schoolers with special needs thrown in for good measure. We are like a finely tuned machine. When one of us needs to tag out, another one tags in without being asked and without missing a beat. The kids all know that they can come to any one of us because we all love them just the same. And that my friends, is a rare thing indeed…to find a group of women who truly enjoy spending time with kids with special needs, and then to have that group of women all assembled in one classroom…a dream come true.

Do you know what makes it even better though? The friendship. These women are not mere coworkers whom I happen to like. They have my back. They made the effort to get past my guarded exterior (I ain’t gonna lie…I’m a tough nut to crack) to get to the gooey marshmallow center. They get my twisted sense of humor and like it. They would do anything for me, and I for them. I love spending my days with them. I look forward to going to work…every day is a new adventure. And every day, at least once, I laugh until I cry…or at least until I pee a little in my pants (see above).

It’s women like these three that make it even harder for me to comprehend the snarky sniping bitchiness that women oftentimes seem so eager to serve up to other females. Some women are nasty like it’s their job. I just don’t get it. When we build other women up, when we support them, encourage them, share our friendship with them, we only make ourselves stronger. And when we don’t? We deprive ourselves of the opportunity to see our own beauty reflected back through the eyes of women who get us.


Ahhh…tulle and sneakers. Need I say more? Okay, maybe I need to say blush pink lace up sweatshirt. This outfit is a whole big bunch of my favorite things all rolled up into one. Tulle, Adidas, sweatshirt, blush pink, lace up front…yep, pretty much perfection. I love all of the soft shades, and you all know how I am, I can’t resist a good juxtaposition. And one of my top three favorites is a frilly frou frou tulle skirt with sneaks and a sweatshirt.

I scored the sweatshirt in two colors (which btw I am required to share with my mini) on super ginormous sale at JCPenney’s a week or so ago. “Super ginormous” as in about $7 apiece. Sweet, right? The tulle skirt and the Adidas I have had forever, but the two paired with the new sweatshirt were a match made in heaven.


Everyone can rock a tulle skirt. Seriously friends, everyone. Simply pair it with pieces that make you feel comfortable. Whether that be a cardigan, pumps and pearls; a graphic tee, combat boots and a moto jacket; or sneakers and a sweatshirt. Make it your own and rock on with your bad self.


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Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas.Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas. Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas.Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas. Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas.Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas. Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas.Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas. Pink lace up sweatshirt, tulle skirt and Adidas.

Sweatshirt: JCPenney;  Skirt: Amazon (Similar);  Adidas: Nordstrom (Similar)

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  1. 10.25.2017 / 8:31 am

    Having friends like these makes life all the worthwhile! Especially at the workplace since you tend to be around them almost more than anyone! I loved seeing these photos, and it made me laugh and smile with you guys!!
    And I’m like you—-why can’t we all get along? I understand we are all different, but we should embrace those differences and still be fabulous friends like you guys!!
    ps…you rock that tulle skirt. It reminds me I need to pull mine out!!
    Jodie filogomo recently posted…Coats That Won’t Break the BankMy Profile

  2. 10.25.2017 / 9:02 am

    It certainly sounds like you’ve found the best friends for life, Debbie! I thought I had such friends from my last office job but we’ve just grown apart over the years which is so sad. I do miss the camaraderie we used to share.
    I absolutely LOVE your outfit – it’s so girlie but still a little tough, if you know what I mean. You look seriously, beautiful!
    Suzy xx
    Suzy Turner recently posted…Another summer bargain: ‘perfect is boring’ slogan topMy Profile

  3. 10.25.2017 / 10:17 am

    There’s nothing like people you can really count…AND who you have fun with 🙂 Consider yourself Very Lucky.

    Loving the tulle look, very cotton candy-ey.


  4. 10.25.2017 / 1:05 pm

    There’s nothing better than forging friendships with people who really get us. Lucky you for finding your tribe!
    As for your look – loving the tulle skirt with that soft pink top! So pretty on you!


  5. 10.25.2017 / 4:16 pm

    Great photos! Love the outfit! And you got some great friends there! This is amazing!

  6. 10.25.2017 / 4:44 pm

    As much as I enjoy my co-workers I don’t think we have the bond you share with yours. Professionally we’ve had so many personnel changes to our leadership team at school we haven’t had a stable team in years. In fact over the last few years the friends I was closest to have all moved or become so busy with different personal pursuits that I hardly ever see them. Having these kinds of friendships at work makes the jobs we do bearable because we love the kids but the bureaucracy can be maddening. I love seeing you and your friends, it warms my heart and reminds me that there is good out there and at least the state of PA is doing the right thing by kids. Here in FL, at least my county, we have very few self contained units. Our school used to have 2 and now we have one ESE teacher to serve our entire school of almost 700 students, it’s ridiculous!
    Okay, I’m off on a tangent, enough!
    I really need a tulle skirt in my life. I almost purchased one a few years ago and didn’t because I didn’t think I’d ever wear it. Mistake I need to rectify!
    Kellyann recently posted…CTC Week 4My Profile

  7. 10.25.2017 / 10:55 pm

    Love the lace up detail- so much fun right now. The skirt is super cute too!

  8. 10.26.2017 / 10:43 am

    How amazing that you get to work with fabulous friends that get you! I have been working at the same place for 16 years, and just recently we have gotten to that point, and it is fantastic! Love this tulle skirt, and perfectly styled with your soft pink lace up top!

    xx, Elise

  9. 10.26.2017 / 12:16 pm

    I LOVE your blog on friends who “get you.” I am so grateful that I have a similar experience as you Debbie! I found my “Tribe” about a year ago and I’d like to think they are really my extended family. All ages, race, religion and marital status. We love each other truly.
    If you get a chance we..the “tribe” would love your opinion of our little sisterhood….and what we think are some pretty awesome accessories as well.
    Your style hits the mark, sister!

    Shannon Geyer
    BuckeyeBling Team
    Shannon Geyer recently posted…The SisterhoodMy Profile