Sleeveless Chambray Dress & Floral Print Scarf: Flock Of Seagulls

chambray dress, floral print scarf, wedge sandals

When you think of seagulls, what do you picture in your mind? The gentle waves lapping the beach, sand under your toes, the warm sun toasting your skin golden brown? How about a K Mart parking lot?….


No? Not the K Mart parking lot? Well, for years, and I mean years, that is where you would find all of the seagulls around here. I know, it’s not like I live on the coast, but there is a lake nearby and there are waaayyy more seagulls at K Mart than at the lake. What. The. Hell. For the life of me I have never been able to figure that out; it’s one of life’s great mysteries.  And it’s not like it’s a fancy K Mart that would attract all kinds of shoppers to include those of the avian persuasion. It’s a straight up ghetto K Mart. I mean, it even smells bad. If you walk in there you’d swear to God you time traveled to the early 70’s and landed on the bad side of town. Where perhaps they have a mold and sewage issue. It kind of makes sense that they are there because I’ve always referred to seagulls as sky rats. Birds as a species freak me out, but any critter that will dive from the sky and attempt to steal the fried conch right out of my hand on the beach? No bueno. Sky rats. What brought on my rather pointless tale of the K Mart sky rats? It would seem that they’ve disappeared just as mysteriously as they originally appeared. They are simply gone. Have they gone upscale and perhaps moved to the Macy’s parking lot? Were the blue light specials not to their liking? Or did they, after a decade or so of milling around looking for fish, finally realize that it was blacktop and not water? That my friends, is a riddle with no answer.


Ahhh…my new friend, the sleeveless chambray dress. This sucker is so lightweight and comfortable I just can’t even. I had been kind of digging around the internet looking for a soft sleeveless chambray dress for summer, but to no avail. The day that my husband and I played hookie from work and went shopping I happened upon it at Kohl’s (Bonus…it’s currently on sale for under $20!). One of my requirements for the perfect chambray dress was it had to button all the way down the front as opposed to a tunic style. Why? Because it can also double as a duster if I leave it open and layer it over a tank top and shorts. It will be super cute dressed down with flip flops or Converse, but I decided to add this gorgeous floral print infinity scarf and my platform wedge sandals to dress it up a bit.


Is this dress a tad boxy and maybe not so figure flattering? Obviously. But guess what? I do not care. I love it. It’s comfortable. And most importantly, I feel fabulous wearing it. Sometimes what is flattering isn’t what’s important. Sometimes what matters more is how we feel when we’re wearing something. And if something makes you feel fabulous, then by all means, wear it.


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sleeveless chambray dress, floral print scarf, wedge sandals sleeveless chambray dress, floral print scarf, wedge sandals sleeveless chambray dress, floral print scarf, wedge sandals sleeveless chambray dress, floral print scarf, wedge sandals sleeveless chambray dress, floral print scarf, wedge sandals sleeveless chambray dress, floral print scarf, wedge sandals

Dress: Kohl’s;  Scarf: JCPenney;  Sandals: JustFab (Similar)



  1. 06.1.2016 / 7:57 am

    Ha ha.

    Our seagulls prefer the Walmart parking lot. More McDonald’s french fries to fight over.


  2. 06.1.2016 / 12:47 pm

    You may consider it boxy…but I think the back opening causes all kinds of fun & whimsy!!
    Funny because I just bought a chambray dress this weekend too, although mine has sleeves (and I made sure it buttoned all the way down for the duster possibility!!). I’m telling you–we are scary alike!!
    ps…I have my lilac jeans & navy&white striped wedges on right now….you?
    Jodie filogomo recently posted…Denim Vest 1 (Under a Jacket)My Profile

  3. 06.2.2016 / 12:50 pm

    Oh your scarf is breathtaking! And you brilliantly solved the boxiness problem of your dress when you add the high wedges! That is usually what works for me if I feel I look a little boxy…the heels elongate and push my butt out jus enough to appear as if I have some shape!

    As for sea gulls, or sky rats, they suck! I immediately thought of the Walmart parking lot because that’s where our local sky rats like to congregate. I once was cleaning out food that my kids had spilled on my car floor and I shamefully figured I would just throw it on the ground and the birds would get (so not littering, right?). Well, my littering concern soon resolved itself as I nearly lost an eye as I was dive bombed from above by about 50 hungry vulturous flying demons! They snatched up all of my litter in aa second, then perched all over my car like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds! I was absolutely fearing for my life! I have a huge issues with birds as well (can you tell?). They freak me out! (But I do love a bird print on clothing…weird!)

    Thanks for giving me an opening to rant about sea gulls!

    Shelbee on the Edge recently posted…Vanity or Sanity?My Profile

  4. 06.2.2016 / 5:25 pm

    Haha! That seagull story is so weird! I definitely agree that if something makes you feel great, wear it! Love how you styled your chambray dress and can’t wait to see how else you style it!

    Doused In Pink
    Jill recently posted…How to Wear Printed Shorts & TFF LinkupMy Profile

  5. 06.3.2016 / 12:13 am

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Love the dress and styling.