Floral Tunic & Lace Vest: Mystery Solved + Boho Week With Elegance And Mommyhood

floral sleeveless tunic, lace vest, denim jacket

First of all, I want to welcome you to the first installment of a week-long boho inspired party with myself and Ada of Elegance And Mommyhood


…Ada and I collaborated last fall to bring you a week of fall themed boho inspiration, and now we’re at it again for some spring boho love. I know, typically there is something boho-esque going on around here pretty much every week, but this week it’s all day, every day. As usual, it’s more of a boho vibe then a full-on Stevie Nicks gypsy babe spending my summer at music festivals look. You know, more like “real life boho” that babes like us can realistically wear. Of course when you’re done perusing my page, you need to head over to Elegance And Mommyhood for the full scoop on Ada’s outfit and to see her interpretation of a dressy spring boho look.

Now for the mystery that is no more…this vest; the physics defying, mind-bending flip vest. I showed you in this post that no matter which way you flip it, the pockets stay right side up. I just didn’t get it. Maybe I’m a bit slow, but I have been well and truly baffled by it every time I wear it. It’s like the Rubik’s Cube of clothing; the more you play with it, the more confused you get. One of my shortcomings is I suck at puzzles, so this vest was just beyond my level of comprehension.

The day after I wore the rust colored version to work, my friend Robin, the art teacher stopped me to tell me how much she liked it. I explained to her the mystery that is the vest, and she of course wanted to check it out more closely the next time I wore it. Lucky me, not only is she the art teacher and therefore more attuned to spatial related mysteries then we mere mortals, she also has mad seamstress skills that I only recently learned about. When I wore this last week it took her all of a hot second to figure it out. The pockets are actually sideways. It you lay it flat with both side out, it’s pretty much rectangular in shape and the pockets are sideways not up and down. Therefore when you put it on, no matter which side you use as the top (I know this sounds confusing, but refer to this post for pictures) the way in which the sides drape the pockets are always right side up. Simple? Not really, but I do get it now.


I fell in love with the saturated colors of this halter dress a few months ago. So you know when I saw it again, using different colors and on a sleeveless floral tunic I had to have it. The colors are just as mind blowing, but bright pink, coral and black are the predominant colors as opposed to the reds and blues in the halter dress version. Although it’s a tunic, as usual it’s almost a dress on me, so I threw one of my trusty skirt extenders underneath to give me the needed coverage. The vest provided some layering interest and the jacket, well, that was a warmth thing. The nice thing about this floral tunic is it will look super fab front tucked into a pair of denim shorts and it will also work in the winter layered over a turtleneck and leggings. You gotta love the versatility. Oh, and I almost forgot…one of my most favorite things…it has pockets! I do love me some pockets so that only sweetened the deal.


Versatility is your friend. Whenever you can, try to add pieces to your wardrobe that can be worn in a variety of different ways. Also keep an open mind in regard to seasons. Can you wear your wool chunky knit sweater in July? Um, no. But you can wear your favorite sleeveless summer tops in the winter with some clever layering. The more wear you can get out of a piece the more its value increases.


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Tunic: Grace & Lace;  Vest: Grace & Lace;  Chiffon Extender: Grace & Lace;  Jacket: Express (Similar);  Sandals: JCPenney (Similar)



  1. 05.23.2016 / 6:11 am

    Love your layering, and the floral print is so pretty!
    Tara recently posted…Sunday Wants #152My Profile

    • debbies
      05.23.2016 / 6:15 am

      Thanks Tara! Have a fabulous week!

  2. 05.23.2016 / 8:52 am

    Great boho-ing, both of you! Love the tunic and of course the denim jacket makes the look complete. Thanks for linking, xox


  3. 05.23.2016 / 9:59 am

    As always you are the queen of boho layering. The tunic dress is pretty with the slip extender. Also, both the vest and denim jacket were great additions. The story about the vest cracked me up. At least your friend figured out this rubic puzzle. You look great nevertheless and a fine way to start our Spring bohemian week!
    Ada recently posted…Spring Bohemian: Embroidery, Fringe and Pom Poms.My Profile

  4. 05.23.2016 / 12:47 pm

    Simply gorgeous! But I will admit, I also am baffled now by your pocket conundrum. Seriously…I don’t get it. But either way your pockets hang, this outfit is fabulous. And I need one of these “skirt extenders”. Where does one acquire such a brilliant invention?


  5. Amy Arnold
    05.24.2016 / 9:24 am

    Fun collaboration! Loving your boho layers.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. 05.24.2016 / 10:46 am

    As always, you look incredible! I love that you tied it all in (for warmth too!) with the trusty denim jacket. Gorgeous!
    Suzy x

  7. 05.26.2016 / 2:11 am

    Layering and boho are two things I’ve yet to master. You always seem to carry these off with aplomb, me I think I’d look a bit swamped. Anyway, I’m pleased to hear that you got to the bottom of the pocket mystery, sounds quite amusing. I love the floral top today with all those fab, summer colours – what a way to cheer up an outfit!
    Anna x
    Anna Parkes recently posted…First anniversary postMy Profile

  8. 05.27.2016 / 3:54 pm

    I am visiting relavitves but wanted to stop by! I love this look. All of the romantic layers and the florals. so pretty on you! The espadrilles are the perfect shoe too, giving the look height and also saving the color for the printed top. i love the lace layers you have, so pretty!
    Thanks for linking up with TH Tuesday
    jess xx