White High/Low Hem Tunic & Striped Pencil Skirt: Is It Work?

white tunic, striped pencil skirt, floral sandals

Well, yesterday was the day. The beginning of the return to normal; our first inservice day of the year followed by Open House in the evening…


…Perhaps I am somewhat of an anomaly. I like going back to school and I love my job. Truly, I do. I’m not one of those people who view the world through rose colored glasses; far from it. I know of what I speak through experience. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was miserable each morning when I had to go to work. I was doing something that I didn’t enjoy and was in an environment that just wasn’t my thing.

And let’s not confuse the fact that while it’s true that I love what I do, it is still work. And of course there are aspects of it that I do not enjoy. Take paperwork for example. All teachers can attest to the fact there is a crap-ton of it, but special education comes with it’s own additional giant pile of it. I will procrastinate until the cows come home when it comes to any type of paperwork. I also do not enjoy getting out of bed at 5 in the morning to get things done and get ready for the day; I’d be far happier if school started at say 10:00 instead of 7:30. But give me a roomful of twelve to fourteen year old kids with special needs working on a project about local history or some such thing and I am all over it.

You often hear or have heard that advice that goes something like, “follow your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life”, right? That sounds fabulous, but it isn’t necessarily realistic. Why? First of all, sometimes our passions just do not make realistic career goals if you have a home and family to support. Would I love to stay home and run a daycare exclusively for really cute puppies? Uh, ya. Who wouldn’t? Will I be able to make a mortgage payment with the money I make playing with really cute puppies all day? I’m going to have to go with “no”. Do I have an innate passion and love for working with kids with special needs? Absolutely. Does that mean what I do all day isn’t work? No, no it doesn’t. It is work, and it’s hard work. And like I said, there are parts of it that I do not enjoy in any way.

But here’s the important part, the primary responsibility of my job, helping the kids to learn and grow and develop skills they need for life…that is what I truly love. The sense of accomplishment at the end of a good day with them can’t be beat. Sometimes they make me angry, sometimes they break my heart and oftentimes I’m exhausted to the bone by the time I get home. Am I following my passion? Absolutely. But is it work? Damn straight it is. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Here it is, Day Two of the white non-iron high/low hem tunic I received c/o Foxcroft. On Wednesday, I styled it in an edgier more casual way and today I went full-on professional with a pencil skirt and kitten heel sandals. Okay, maybe a neon pink clutch isn’t professional in the traditional sense, but in my world, it is. I have to say, the versatility and styling potential of this white high/low hem tunic is pretty much only limited by your imagination. I thought it added a really cool spin to the leopard cami and denim shorts I wore it with Wednesday and yet today it’s very much grown-up and ready to go to work. This is one of those pieces that can happily live in both sections of your closet; work and play.

The proportion of the tunic worked really well with the narrower pencil skirt and really balanced the proportions. The floral print sandals added a fun print mix with the stripes (floral and stripes are probably the easiest print mix to pull off btw…) and the neon clutch added a hit of fun to the whole look.


Try mixing up the scenarios in which you style certain pieces in your closet. Take a “strictly for work” piece and try it out with an off-duty outfit. Be bold, try styling a piece from your off-duty section in a more professional way that would be appropriate for work. You’d be surprised at how many options this opens up for you in regard to getting dressed.


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white tunic, striped pencil skirt, floral sandalswhite tunic, striped pencil skirt, floral sandalswhite tunic, striped pencil skirt, floral sandalswhite tunic, striped pencil skirt, floral sandalswhite tunic, striped pencil skirt, floral sandals white tunic, striped pencil skirt, floral sandals white tunic, striped pencil skirt, floral sandals

Tunic: c/o Foxcroft;  Skirt: Forever 21 (Similar);  Sandals: JCPenney; Clutch: Walmart (Similar)

**Tunic provided c/o Foxcroft, but as always, all opinions are my own.



  1. 09.2.2016 / 9:27 am

    I often miss teaching, I give you huge kudos for shaping the lives of kids every day and it makes my heart happy that you love your job! And talk about the most stylish teacher ever, and look at those shoes girl so….much love!!
    Andrea Nine recently posted…FRIDAY FAVORITES…HELLO SEPTEMBERMy Profile

    • debbies
      09.3.2016 / 4:49 pm

      Thanks so much Andrea! I didn’t realize that you used to teach. I love working with teenagers & have taught middle or high school most of my career. The period of time that I was at the elementary wasn’t on my list of favorites though…lol!

    • debbies
      09.3.2016 / 4:50 pm

      Thank you Chelsea and thanks for stopping by!

  2. 09.2.2016 / 2:26 pm

    No job is all fun & games and there is always that one person who try to make a great day bad in every industry, so watch out for them. I love this top on you and I am going to go look for the shoes this weekend.
    Neti recently posted…Get your Sexy BackMy Profile

    • debbies
      09.3.2016 / 4:52 pm

      Thanks so much Neti! The shoes are still available in some sizes online & will probably be in clearance in store because I got them back in the Spring. 😀

  3. 09.2.2016 / 2:44 pm

    I am hoping to go bac kto full time work soon and I am going to dread how tired I will be. I get wore out being a stay at home mum 🙁
    Love your top Debbie and how you have styled this look 🙂

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop.
    clairejustine recently posted…Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop…My Profile

  4. 09.2.2016 / 8:52 pm

    I love my job too. Helping students and instructors with research is exciting for me. I don’t like the admin side of library work {something I did for almost 2 years}. So, yeah, I agree, knowing your place and what makes you happy {and being able to do it} is incredible.

    What a cute outfit. I’m a lover of tunics, so it’s a definite win in my book.
    Daenel T. recently posted…Coffee Talk: A Whole Lot of RidiculousnessMy Profile

  5. Julie
    09.3.2016 / 3:52 pm

    I accidentally stumbled onto your site a couple of months ago. Spent many hours reading your older posts. I love that you have an edge with a glimmer of bad ass. It’s so refreshing and inspiring. I am busty with very similar hair coloring and just turned 50 this year. Would love to learn more about your makeup, tanners and skin care. Thank you for showing me although I may be 50 I don’t need to be frumpy.

  6. 09.5.2016 / 9:35 am

    Great outfit and wonderful analysis of what “doing what you love” really means. I’ll do the puppy business with you if we can have kittens in the next room xox
    Patti recently posted…A Blaze Of Color: Visible MondayMy Profile

  7. 09.5.2016 / 10:14 pm

    I’ve been a college instructor for ten years now, and I truly feel alive when I’m in the classroom. I made a career change in my mid-30s, and I don’t think I would have chosen a teaching career in my 20s. Like you, I love the teaching part but there are of course other parts I don’t love as much… And, yes, we all have to be realistic and being able to pay a mortgage is a necessity…

    I love the tunic with the pencil skirt – fabulous look! And what fabulous shoes!

    Have a fabulous year!
    Andrea@WellnessNotes recently posted…One Tunic, Two OutfitsMy Profile