Boho Print Dress & Denim Vest: Shadowbanned Pt. 2

Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties.

Oh happy day, it appears as if the curse of the Instagram shadowban has been lifted…


…On Thursday I shared with all of you exactly what the Instagram shadowban is, as well as the fact that I had indeed been shadowbanned. I also shared with you a list of tips for attempting to get it lifted if you too had been shadowbanned.

Fortunately, I’m happy to report, that something I did was effective in getting me back in the game. Over the course of last week I tried pretty much every tip on the list. I’m sorry that I can’t tell which one, or which combination of tips worked, but something did. I posted yesterday for the first time since Thursday. I checked all of my tags from daughter’s account (she had unfollowed me so I could use her account to check) and my post showed in all of the hashtag feeds. My number of likes was higher than my six previous posts which is saying something since when I post on a Sunday my number of likes is always notoriously lower than other days of the week.

I’m currently working on putting together a whole bunch of different hashtag sets that I’m saving in the shortcuts on my phone. I’m trying not to duplicate tags in each set, and I’m saving them to my phone so that I don’t have to type each tag in individually when I post. I plan on rotating the sets so that I don’t use any hashtags repeatedly in back to back posts. Believe me, for the foreseeable future I plan on being extra careful with how I post and what I do on Instagram. And isn’t that a ridiculous statement to have to make?


Everything in today’s outfit is from the closet archives. There’s nothing wrong with that, because believe me, I have more than enough clothes in my closet. This is maybe my favorite boho print dress from rather extensive collection. The colors are gorgeous, the print mixing is already done for me and I love the sheer sleeves. The addition of the denim vest serves two purposes. It’s the third piece to provide some visual interest and it was also a tad breezy although not quite cool enough for a jacket, so the vest was the perfect topper.

The ankle wrap peep toe booties are another favorite. The taupe color makes them almost a universal match for most things in my closet, and the ankle tie and fringe tassels give them a boho flair. The heel is perfect too; not to high and chunky enough to make them solid to scoot around on.

Speaking of heels, I’m now only one week away from my foot surgery. In light of that, I’ve been pondering my fashion choices for the six weeks or so that I’ll be sporting the uber-fashionable surgical boot. One option that I’ve come up with to make it a little less “in your face” is maxi skirts. Since it’s summer that is the perfect time to throw a bunch into the rotation. Quite honestly, I don’t own all that many, so I’ve put together a list which you’ll find below, of super pretty skirts (a few of which I plan on getting) to share with you. Even if you’re not sporting a surgical boot, now is the perfect time to pick up some maxi skirts for your summer wardrobe.Maxi skirts                                                                 1. Black Boho Print Skirt//2. Gray Asymmetric Skirt//3. White Floral Wrap Skirt//4. Yellow Floral Wrap Skirt//5. Navy Blue Wrap Skirt//6. Cream Floral Skirt//7. Brown Ruffle Skirt//8. Multicolor High-Low Skirt


Dresses truly simplify the process of getting dressed~one piece and you’re done. If you’re feeling creative though, a vest, blazer or jacket on top or a skirt extender underneath adds that little bit extra that a third piece provides.


Check out the weekly link ups I participate in for even more fashion and style ideas…Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties.Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties. Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties.Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties. Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties.Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties. Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties.Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties. Boho dress, denim vest & peep toe booties.

Dress: Target (Similar);  Vest: Old Navy (Similar);  Booties: Qupid (Similar)



  1. 05.15.2017 / 7:31 am


    Thanks for the update!
    I have also been using new hashtags to see if I show up but I will ask my son to unfollow me to see if I am shadowbanned

    Have a great day!.
    ROBIN LAMONTE recently posted…How Lucky am I to be Her DaughterMy Profile

  2. 05.17.2017 / 1:38 pm

    Love this dress. Love Love Love.

    Glad to hear you’ve been unshadowbanned. I’d heard of it but not paid too much attention. I don’t have the brain power right now to figure out and do what you did 🙂 so if I’m SB’d, so be it. Ha.

    Good luck on your surgery! Ouch, foot surgery, ugh. I have a painful heel spur but surgery, bleh. Hope everything works out and you get a cute boot!


  3. 05.18.2017 / 11:44 pm

    Love your mix and match skill. Totally love the dress, the shoes and the denim vest. 🙂

  4. 05.19.2017 / 9:51 pm

    I have seen and heard that quite a few bloggers have been shadow banned. I have hashtag lists too on my phone. And I found a nifty link that actually looks it you are shadow banned sad we have to worry about this now, first algorithm crap and now this
    Stephanie recently posted…The little black dress, featuring C/MEO collective.My Profile

  5. 05.22.2017 / 6:54 pm

    I love this boho style dress with the denim vest and booties! This shadowban thing is ridiculous – I don’t understand why Instagram are making it so difficult for people like us who grow our following organically. I checked to see if I was affected and thankfully I wasn’t, but that’s not to say I won’t be/haven’t been since. It’s put me off posting every day!

    Emma xxx
    Emma Peach recently posted…Black Rose Print Dress at the Titanic Hotel LiverpoolMy Profile